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Providing high quality, reward based, dog training in Helena Montana.



As a certified dog trainer, I offer professional training programs designed to help you reach and maintain your goals. I work with each client to design a plan for your dog. In an initial consultation, we discuss what best fits your dog, your ambitions and your lifestyle. My specialties are retrieving gundog breeds.

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$65 for first 1 hour consultation, then $75 per hour for training sessions. This includes future prep and follow up contacts.


Private dog training at your location during your workday. I teach your dog while you work. Then, I follow up with instructing you how to "drive" your dogs new skills. Service fees are $65 for the first consultation and $75 per hour for training sessions.

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Golden Retriever


You learn. Your dog learns.

With demonstration and repetition, you and your dog reach training goals and are given tools to build on them at home.



Train while you're away. Improved behavior.

While you're at work, I train your dog in its home environment.  New behavior goals are reached through a solid plan.  You will learn how to manage and sustain improved behavior.

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​You and your dog will learn the fundamentals of gundog obedience, manners and a retrieve. Handling, advanced retrieve work and generalizing these skills can be addressed as we progress. 

I am now offering specialized positive reinforcement lessons for Gundog hunting breeds. Using proven humane training techniques we teach the skills that make a solid partner in the blind, in the field and in your home.

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I've called Montana home for 30 years and have been training dogs for 40.  Most every morning, I take at least one dog out our back door, into the South Hills of Helena.  As an avid runner, biker and skier, my dogs have always been "training" partners.

I am certified by an industry recognized, non-aversive dog training program, The Academy for Dog Trainers.  As a graduate of this intensive, three-year certification curriculum, we use only non-aversive, reward based training methods.  

I believe working one on one, directly with you, is essential to your dog's learning the behaviors you want and maintaining that progress. There are few things more gratifying than truly communicating with your dog. It becomes a life changing process for all.  



A happy, well trained, dog develops through positive reinforcement, consistency, and a healthy lifestyle.  I only use positive reinforcement during training, and teach owners how to use these holistic methods effectively at home.  

My aim is to help you identify goals and design a program that fits both your needs as well as your dog’s needs.  By guiding you through every training exercise, every success, both you and your dog will be feeling great and seeing results in no time.

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 Jeff's positive-reinforcement style of training dogs AND owners has amazingly fast results! Our puppy, Lars, loves the weekly visits. Jeff's one-on-one style of training and flexibility in scheduling improves the quality of class time as well as makes timing easier on owners. You won't find a better dog trainer!

Bryan Bergquist

"Before meeting Jeff, our border collie had very little training and was aggressive towards new people.  Upon meeting him, we instantly felt at ease with his kind and patient personality.  Jeff's training method of positive reinforcement with rewards gave us an effective procedure and a consistent approach to train our dog.  He helped us better understand our dogs behavior, and as a result we feel like better dog owners.  We would highly recommend Jeff to anyone with any type of dog."

Peter and Delisa

Jeff has helped me train my English Springer Spaniel since McGee was six months old.  Jeff has a very friendly and positive reinforcement based approach that has worked well with my dog.  Jeff does a great job of teaching both the dog and the owner.  The rest is up to you. I highly recommend Jeff for positive reinforcement based training.

Dave Galt

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"Create the behavior then reinforce it!"

a trainers mantra